Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reviewing/Remembering the Kanji (RTK) Links
Some of you are already using this site for extra information about the kanji you are learning. One of the best features of this site is the shared 'stories' or mnemonics, which are ranked by other users of the site so you can quickly find the popular ones. Registration is free, so you might as well join.

Within the Kanji Sketch Pad, the Internet button offers you a chance to get to the stories for your current kanji with a single mouse click. First you need to add the site to your list of sites within the file KanjiWebsites.txt. (In fact, the address is already there - all you have to do is removed the angled brackets to activate the link. The reason I've added this step is that registration at koohii is necessary before using the site.). Then you can cut and paste your favourite stories straight into the Kanji Sketch Pad.

RTK Reviews
While browsing, I have also come across a couple of reviews of the RTK method. These reviews don't refer to the Kanji Sketch Pad, but do describe many of the ideas behind the KSP approach. If you are just starting out, and find the idea of learning 2000 kanji daunting, these reviews might help you decide on the method that suits you...

Review 1
Review 2

5 Biggest Mistakes
You might find this link interesting, too. Are you making any of these mistakes? Does the Kanji Sketch Pad encourage any of these mistakes? Do you even agree with the list?

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