Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Version 2.75 introduces radicals - when each kanji is introduced, the component radicals will be displayed at the bottom of the mnemonic window. Hovering over those radicals will display their names. Clicking on any of those radicals will cause the browser to open up to this post. If the radicals are also kanji in their own right, then the relevent page from jisho.org will be loaded as well. Clicking on the radical button will open a small window displaying the kanji, its radicals, and the names of the radicals in Japanese and English.

Please coment below this post to report any mistakes you find in the radical list for any kanji, or to request the addition of new radicals.

Later versions will link each radical to a more specific page dedicated to that radical, as well as to a more general tutorial on radicals and how they can be used, so in many ways this post is a temporary placeholder.

Please send me an email if you would like to test the radical feature before I release it.

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