Sunday, June 26, 2011

Radicals - Sneak Peek

Hi Beta Testers,

The radical-feature is nearly complete, but has not been tested on a naive computer. It relies on a specific radical-capable font, Code2000, which will need to be installed prior to use. The program should take care of the details, but there are bound to be a couple of problems to sort out when tried on different systems.

If you are prepared to test what might be a rough version, the download link is here. Please report any problems. This is version 2.749, and the debugged version will be 2.75.

If you need the Code2000 font, and cannot get it automatically within the program or manually from the Cerebware site, another link is here.

This version still contains a couple of minor faults that are on my to-do list:
- a couple of kanji need to have their vectors tidied up because of unwanted intersections
- the RTK keyword needs to be added during MCQ testing
- the filename of newly-opened text files in the Text Editor needs to be updated
- the backup of the main vocab file needs to be fine-tuned, which is only a problem if you are changing filenames

One feature, the 'learner profile', has been partially introduced. The GUI features have been created but, in this version, do not yet modify the actual learnng settings. This will be sorted out in version 2.76.

If you find other problems with this version, please report them below.



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