Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kanji Sketch Pad

Several people have had questions about the Kanji Sketch Pad. ( described herereviewed here and downloadable here (old version) or here (newer version, beta 2.91). (Edit, October 2012: Note that the Kanji Sketch Pad program is now hosted at kanjisketchpad.com, which is where the latest versions of the software are released and discussed.) This program is still in beta version, and the help files are not yet complete, so this blog is intended to make up for that. I am also very keen to hear of any problems, in the form of actual bugs or even just points of confusion with the interface.

This blog will provide a venue for providing updates, tips and online help.

Please report any problems you have with the software. I can usually find and fix bugs within 48 hours. It helps if you can tell me exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred.

You may also find kanji where you dispute the drawing information. The kanji vectors are copyright and belong to someone else (see the kanjivg project) but I release a version of them with the program and can make fixes. The managers of the kanjivg project are also happy to update any mistakes found by users, so pass on any issues you find and we can improve the database for everyone.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the program! I am learning Japanese because I am going to work there next year.

    Is it too late to get a free licence?

    I noticed one bug. The dates on the back-up files seemed to be out by a month.


  2. Yes, thanks, I hadn't noticed that. Java seems to use an odd date system - 0 for January.

    Will be fixed in version 2.5.

  3. Oh, and it's not too late. Email me your user number.